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COVID-19 POEM - Copyright© Marina Amdream

It started so easy almost a joke
I thought I was just going to choke
Is this really all for me? Is it how it ends?
Will I have time to make all the amends?

Will I have time to say Good Night prayer
with my son and daughter who are my air
The air I need right now seems gone & unclear
The next thing I know my death seems so near

The Covid has come for my life. What to do??
I want to fight & survive, but I have no clue
how to do it, what can be my queue?.
The only answer I know is people in blue....

While on a ventilator all alone in the room
I have time to think and dream of flowers bloom
I remember the time when it all was ok
I didn't know this was possible, I remember the day.

The day when they mentioned something in China
Wonderful country, technology, dining.
I felt sorry for them, but I thought they were smart
Strong, proactive like all countries start.

I thought they would kill this thing called corona
It's just the flu virus, right? Could it be worse than ebola?
Surely by now we know what to do
All countries are prepared, and so are you.

Oh that's what I thought at the moment
I even made a video: it's nothing, go own it.
A lot of us didn't pay attention at all
Until it finally hit us... a rising death toll

I am a part of it now. Will I just add to the number?
Should I give up and me just go under
Under the roof that will never open
This is the end of my life - the prayer unspoken...

"Ma'am, ma'am. Do you see my two fingers?"
I hear over a sweet voice linger
I open my eyes and here she is
A beautiful soul, an angel: "Help please!"

She is looking so kind & angelically nice
I say: "Yes, I can see you, can I please rise?"
She helped me up and I felt I was better
My prayer was answered later than never.

I look at the nurse. I look at my hands.
She saved me, my life doesnt end
Wow, I am breathing right by the angel
This lady in blue is in no way a stranger

I will never know why she did what she did
But I am grateful and honored she was the lead
She was my friend when I was dying alone
My savior, my comforter, together we're strong...

I am back at home now being so grateful
Watching people being more kind than hateful
I thank everyone who is on the front lines
I hope this Covid-19 will never define

How weak or strong we really are
Because we are people we are raising the bar
The government, grocery workers, police

We will fight till the end till we'll find the piece.
I know it's so hard, but there is light
Because the human power is always right
Humanity rises over pandemic for sure
The end of it near. And also the cure.

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