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A better American future

"As I have just watched a historic inauguration of our new President Joe Biden and the first woman Vice President Kamala Harris I am filled with hope and optimism. Being not from this country today I was reminded why I came here in the first place in 2007: to experience an American Dream - an idea that anything is possible. Today I saw a proof of that.

Today I saw that after running for a President 3 times Joe Biden finally won - in this I saw that anything is possible. I saw Kamala Harris - the first African Asian American woman becoming the Vice President of the United States - in this I really saw that anything is possible. I saw today that no matter how hard it is to preserve and carry out our fragile democracy it will ALWAYS prevail. And that's what has been attractive to me since 4 years old - the first time I have ever heard about America in a song. And since that point on I fell in love with The United States forever.

One of so many reasons why I love this country so much is its unity because it is the UNITED states of America!! Today the new President has been emphasizing the importance of unity and that he will be "a President for all people" no matter if you voted for him or not. It is something that I do in my career as well. I am a President of my own business, my own ideas and my own future!! I choose to serve as a Ukrainian - American for all people in the whole wide world regardless whether they accept me or not.

I have been living in America now for 11,5 years. And because I came here at the young age of 19 American values of unity, service and respect have been instilled in me till the end of my time. Today I am a citizen of the world who is so blessed to live in the United States of America and I am sooooo proud to be here!!

Today has given me hope for the bright future and even better place that we all can call home. The change is inevitable in everything and everyone. Inspired and moved by January 20th, 2021 historic inauguration I invite you to love one another and continue loving this country with all your hearts. Let's be a part of a better purposeful and faithful future because together we can accomplish anything. God bless America and God protect our troops." Marina Amdream. P.S. Like what you read? Shop for all the inspirational gear I design to allow me to write even more blog posts like these. This blog post was written yesterday and published today.


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