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All about limits

"Today I want to talk about limits. Is there even such thing as a limit?? A lot of times we - the people are creating limits in our society or in our heads. Some limits are good for us like eating only so much sugar or being in the sun only for so long. But some limits are killing us inside and out and we must stop them now!!

The limits that are stopping us most are the limits that are on the way of our dreams. Oh so we say "they are on the way"?? "I will never make it big because I am old" - self-made LIMIT!! "I will never make it as big as Beyonce because she had a rich family to push her. She was given everything by her parents to be successful!! She credits her mother and father all the time for where she is today!! And I don't have no one to help me! No one!!" - self-made LIMIT!!

"I will never make it as Kim Kardashian because I can't afford fitness trainers and celebrity chefs to help me lose weight!" - self-made LIMIT!! And I can go on and on telling you real crap I have been saying to myself to limit my own mind and ability to become as successful as I want to be and can be.

Well, I got to the point through self-education and self-reflection that I can't continue living this way anymore. Yes, I still have self-doubt limiting thoughts sometimes especially if someone lets me down. For some reasons people who abandon me put me in a self-limiting state most. Luckily, I don't stay there for a long time. I keep getting up!! I keep pushing myself no matter the limits I may create in my head.

There are so many factors that can contribute to your own version of limits. But that's exactly what they are: "Self-made versions of your fears, doubts, insecurities, lack of knowledge and discipline, etc." Limits are our thoughts created by our brain to protect us from a danger or discomfort. It's time to push through the negative limiting (at times even scary) self-talk we have with ourselves. It's time to break that limit in half, crush it, destroy it, smash it and never never go back to it again!!

I want to become the world's best superstar!! I talk about it often. I think about it. I visualize it daily!! People who are haters may think I am an arrogant motherf*cker who must just shut the f*ck up and stay in my lane of being a loser!! Oh really?? Why would I let you, hater, put a limit on my potential and on my possible greatness?? If you think I can't do it, it only shows me that you are so good at creating limits in your own life and I am not here for that!!

I am here to push you! And I am here to push myself and you beyond possible self-made and made up by the society limits. Let's stop this non-sense of limits because if we don't stop them, they will forever stop us from achieving our dreams. And we don't want that!! We want a beautiful limitless dream life that will bring us love, joy, peace and laughter. Why not to get that?? Start by eliminating self-made and society made limits!! Why can't you?" Marina Amdream. P.S. Like what you read? Shop for all the inspirational gear I design to allow me to write even more blog posts for you:)


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