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How to deal with pain

"Everyday I am motivated by pain. Pain drives me. Pain gives me purpose. Pain is the reason I am where I am today because I don't let it stop me and make it a motivation. I kill it in my mind and use it for growth to redefine my future. You should do the same...

We have no control over the pain that comes our way, but we surely have control of how we react to it. We can let it destroy us or we can take it by the horns and use it to our advantage. They say: "When you change they way you look at things, things change." Change the way you look at pain and the way it looks will change.

Every time pain hits my body or mind I don't let myself focus on it for a long time. I get daily aches all the time, but I keep chanting to myself: "I am healthy!" I get not so good circumstances all the time, but as soon as they hit me I start chanting "I am happy!" or "I am grateful for what I do have!" with the widest smile on my face to do my very best to switch my focus from bad to good. As hard as it is I believe there is always a way to find something positive in any situation. All you have to do is to think "could have been worse" and let this thought make you feel better even for a moment.

As you move through life don't let pain stop you or scare you. Kill it in you mind! We attract what we put out. If pain is something you dwell on, it will keep coming to you. If happiness is what you thrive for every single day, you will have more of it in the long run. Believe me! I have listen to this notion of attraction explained by many many teachers, scholars, speakers, etc. I applied it and it amazingly works!

I put out happy vibes instead pity party vibes all the time. What do I get back?? A much happier life that still has pain because it's part of our existence, but now I have a lot less of it and a lot more of joy! I love it! I love my life! I am sooooo happy now and wish the same for you! Kill the pain in your mind with thoughts of happiness and see how your life can change. Why can't you?" Marina Amdream. P.S. Shop for all the inspirational gear I design.


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