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Think positive thoughts: your life may change for the better

"It's amazing to me how when you work so hard to stop being negative, the world becomes soooo much better!! I can't tell you how many important people in the past told me that I was negative. Time and time again I just brushed it off in my mind not paying any attention. The only thought I had "if so many people say it, there must be some truth to it." I had no idea what else to think about it... up until now.

My motivational speaking career has completely changed me and is changing me every day! How? Reading and listening to other people. What I am noticing about myself from reading and observing others is that I am becoming so much more aware now of positive things around me. It is crazy!! I used to have such negative thoughts about myself and even others. It showed in how I acted, what I said and in outcomes in my relationships. It all has changed because I have deliberately changed!!

Now by thinking I would say 97% of positive thoughts the world around me is kinder, nicer, happier, richer and more fulfilling. I can honestly say: "I am the happiest I have ever been!" Not because the world around me has changed first, but because I changed the way I look at the world, what I think, say and how I act. My life is so much better now and I am determined to share it with so many people in the world who are struggling even just to smile once a day.

Why am I so happy now?? Because I feel good! I feel good because people I attract now seem nicer, the nature, the sun and the moon seem brighter, the feeling I get inside from living gives me more joy than ever. How have I come to such a happy place in my life?? By consciously smiling even if there is pain, by hoping for the best even if the world seems crushing down, loving people even if not all have the best attitudes toward life.

It's not easy to love life the way it is because it brings you unexpected surprises all the time. It's not easy to be positive when the reality can get so ugly. But overtime it can get easier the way we react to all the obstacles that come our way. We can make a choice to look at the bright side no matter what happens. I find that it's almost always possible because I always say to myself: "It can be worse."

I hope any of what I am saying makes sense. But I will try to explain myself over and over to as many people as possible till the day I die because life can be heaven if you learn how to live it a a better way. Look at me?? Don't have my own place yet, have been through so much trauma in my life including almost killing myself in college, etc. But again through education and talking and listening to other people I am coming on the other side happier and stronger than ever. I am so happy now... Try to apply what I am doing and see if you can feel the same way. Why can't you?" Marina Amdream.


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