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Use your power within

Today I want to talk about power. Not the power that gives you advantage over other people and lets you control them - the one that a lot of people want. But the power you have inside of you to push through difficulties or achieve anything you want.

I think we start realizing how much power within we really have as we get older. I am 33 and by this age I have had to endure a lot of obstacles that required me to find and use the power I have inside of me. As you get older this power usually becomes even stronger and you start being more and more resilient. Just a sheer idea that God, Universe, whoever gave us this power that we can use to survive is amazing!! So, we must tap into our power every time because you can't deny we have it.

I think it's a great thing that we have the power within to push through it because if we didn't, what else would we have?? When all our brain wants is to protect us from danger and discomfort, the power within allows us to do things we usually would not do. If the late bill comes in, we use the power within to think and find ways to pay for it. When we lose a loved one, we use the power within to pick ourselves up. When all the odds are against us and it seems like there is no way we can become the greatest, the power within keeps pushing us forward toward our dreams.

I love love the last example I gave. I want to become the greatest because I am the greatest!! (It's not an arrogant thing. It's a motivation/confidence/self-survival thought - use it too!). However, where I come from, where I am now and where I want to be just don't match up. I am an immigrant from Ukraine and I want to be a worldwide superstar. I live and can afford to be in a small town, and for my career goals I must be in New York! I want to be everywhere performing and spreading love and joy, but I am staying semi-still in one place because I simply don't have a lot of opportunities thrown my way YET!!

Above are some of my obstacles. But the power within pushes me closer and closer to my dreams. Sometimes I may act and sound desperate, but I have to do what I have got to do to survive. For example, the power pushes me to persuade everyone I possibly encounter to buy from me - even you - the reader. Why?? Because all this blog writing and fame that I have would be nothing if I can't eat, have a roof over my head and clothes on my body. I have to eat!! Yes, I use my gifts to write and make videos, but I have to eat!! I have a choice to give this "sh*t" up and go work for someone to help them achieve their dreams or use my power to do desperate things to achieve my dreams.

When I first started building my dream I thought it would be easy. And then life hit me and after all these years people don't support me as much yet, lots of opportunities don't come to me yet, an immense fame and fortune is not my pocket yet. Why to keep going?? In my case I have been using my power within for so long, why should I stop now?? I am going to keep going! When it gets hard like right now I desperately need $150 to pay this bill in order not to get fined (Donate at Cash App $MarinaAmdream), I believe my power within will help me find ways to get it. Would you like to donate?😁

This post is raw and real to help you see how I cope with difficulties. One of many ways I do it is "I find a power within and let it guide me and push me toward a beautiful life full of love and joy!" Use it too!! When everything seems to be crushing down, listen to your gut, intuition, power within - however you define it. But don't stop!! If you stop, God forbid, you won't survive. If you stop, your dreams may never come true. And we don't want any of that. We want to thrive every day, be happy and enjoy life. Why can't we?? Just use your power within." Marina Amdream. P.S. Like what you read? Shop for all the inspirational gear I design to allow me to write even more blog posts like these.


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