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Work faster

"Today I want to talk about speed, pace, rate - however you want to call it. It's something that separates a winner from a loser, successful person from a struggling one, happy person from a miserable one, etc. The speed I am talking about is the speed you work with or use to go through life.

What I am noticing in others and at times in myself (being honest here) is that we are too slow!! Slow to execute, slow to come up with stuff, slow to grow, slow to change, slow to contribute, etc. The truth is being slow is killing us, is killing our dreams and, frankly, is killing our life. Why do I say that if there are common expressions like "take your time" or "relax and live in the moment"?? Well, what I am learning is that the way you approach speed can really affect your whole life especially your professional career. For example, speed can be a winning or losing point in business. Success is like sports!! You wait - you lose. You go fast with everything you got - you come out on top.

Here is my challenge to you: "GET FASTER!!" If there is something you have always wanted to do, speed it up and do it!! If you know that if you work faster, you'll outwork all your competition, then do it! Do whatever you have got to do because life is short!! There is no time to be slow or wait that something is going to happen as a miracle. In business, in success miracles don't exist! It's hard FAST work to make sure that no matter how hard and fast they work, you are the one who comes out on top!! Why can't you?" Marina Amdream. P.S. Like what you read? Shop for all the inspirational gear I design to allow me to write even more blog posts like these.


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