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"I used to need a man to tell me "I am beautiful." Maybe that's why I have been with so many men... I used to need me to tell me "I am ugly." Maybe that's why I have compared myself to every celebrity and a hot Ukrainian girl on the planet thinking I am not good enough. Not anymore.... It took A LOT of self-mind work to realize men or comparing myself to others doesn't define how I really look. I finally realize that I AM the only person who must tell me "I am beautiful!" and I don't need to compare myself to anyone because my uniqueness is flawless. If someone doesn't think I look perfect the way I am or think badly about me, that's on them....

Let me tell you today for the first time with the utmost confidence I have ever had: "I don't hate myself anymore!! I love my nose, my curves, my eyebrows, my unfit arms - the very things I used to beat myself up about EVERY SINGLE DAY. My obsession with my looks almost killed me when I was trying to cut my left vein in college. God saved me.... Today I AM NEW!! I AM STRONG! AND... FINALLY I SAY to myself and the whole world: "I AM BEAUTIFUL!!"

One day I want to say to every little girl and boy, an adult man and woman in the world: "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!" Right now a couple of hundred of you are going to see this. But one day my body, my face, my thoughts that almost died 11 years ago in that dark and cold bedroom will be a forever reminder that looks IS NOT a definition of happiness... Loving yourself for the unique you and loving others for who they are THAT'S happiness!!! Be happy, honey... Don't hate yourself. LOVE you because your life literally depends on it. JUST LOVE!!! BECAUSE YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!..............." Marina Amdream. P.S. Get you the "Joy" necklace I am wearing on the picture to remind you "You are beautiful!" >


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