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Business is a competition!

"Business is a competition! Point blank period! You whether compete and win, or stay fearful, lazy and stupid and lose. I have been fearful, lazy and stupid for the first several years of my business. So many factors have played the role: I was fearful 

- because I am a domestic violence survivor, 

- because I failed myself once by developing an eating disorder when I could not handle the pressure of a foreign to me American college (I am Ukrainian). I did graduate, but I failed my health along the way; 

- because I have never had any entrepreneurs in my family who could teach me how to do business. How could I not be fearful?? 

  I have been lazy 

because my ex paid the bills;

because being lazy had become a habit;

because being lazy was how I knew to exist. No one in my family has ever taught me how to be effective and disciplined; 

because I had a depression;

because I was comfortable this way and I was ok with my life the way it was. I didn't know or needed to know any better. 

  And lastly I was stupid 

- because I stopped reading constantly 8 years ago besides little snippets here and there. I wonder I felt stupid and kept losing in business because I didn't know how, what and when to do anything different. So, I lost in my book. 

  Many of my direct competitors have thriving businesses now, open offices and travel the world taking pictures and videos. And here is me: trying to start all over, but in a brave, productive and a smart way. I am so proud of myself now!!Why? Because notice I have never given up on myself, my dream and my business. Don't you ever give up as well!!

  I never knew why they make all this money and here is me doing the same thing making pennies. And I don't need to know!! Because I must change, not them! I can never control the other guy, but I can control what I do and this is where my focus is right now and always will be from now on. 

  I have no idea what they do differently that works so well for them. But I know what is no longer working for me. Being fearful, lazy and uneducated doesn't work for me anymore!! I have decided that my poverty sucks and I better do something about it or I can just go work for someone and forget all that I have been trying to build in the best way possible for the past 6 years. No!!  

  I maybe fearful, lazy and stupid, but I am not a quitter!! I know that I am smarter than this: I just didn't have enough motivation to change my ways that have not worked. Now I have a motivation that no one has seen before!! My motivation: "I don't want to be poor anymore!!" I am breaking barriers now and don't think about what other guy is doing. I am bringing a healthy level of competition like the big guys are. And, most importantly, I now compete with billion dollar companies and I am all for it!!

  You may ask how do I compete with billion dollar companies?? Because this is where I set my mind to. If I ever become a billionaire, I must be aware, observe and learn from the best in the business. This is what I have been doing. I no way compare myself to anyone because I know I am unique and bring enough value to the table. But I do observe and learn from the best, you best believe me!! 

  I always tell myself: "If they can do it, I can do!! If they can do it, why can't I??" This attitude has made me braver, more disciplined and most importantly smarter. The stuff I know now that I have been doing wrong for so long compared to even a year ago blows my mind. Hours of books read and I still have sooo much more to learn. I must learn and change if I want to compete with the best in the world because I AM THE BEST IN THE WORLD!! (Well, in my mind:)) In reality, it's something we can all thrive for. Why don't you?" Marina Amdream. P.S. Buy the t-shirt I am wearing on This post is subject to copyright. The rights belong to Marina Amdream.


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