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What is pain for?

"Pain, pain, pain... Pain is something that I am so used to by now and as a part of life I am always learning to go through it... Literal pain: body aches are a part of my every day existence. Pain of defeat or caused by other people has happened to me many times. Pain that comes from unforeseen circumstances always wants to become my best friend even though I don't want it. Pain has many forms, but why why is it here at all??

As a Christian the only logical explanation I give myself that God created it (or allows it to happen), so we never abandon Him. Think about it? Do you talk to God more when everything is perfect or when everything is bad. Of course, when everything is bad. God is a genius!! Why would He make everything perfect if he knows that due to our human nature then we won't need Him anymore??

He created us to have a relationship with Him and help other people. If people never had problems, why would we ever talk to God or help anyone at all?? Help from God or help for other people won't be needed. Yes, we may talk to God just to praise and thank Him or help people to have even better lives than they already have. But seriously?? I think you get my point that when things get tough we turn to God for help more than when things are well. And God wants us to turn to Him always in all ways! When people need real help like food, shelter, etc. we are more proned to help them than when people have it all and happy with their lives.

Another reason we have pain is because I believe it's designed by God, Universe, whoever for growth. This is my optimistic look at it. A pessimist may think: "Pain is made for suffering." Not me! Although I understand and felt all kinds of pain and I don't like it one bit the most growth I have ever had in my life has come through pain. The pain of eating disorders led me to become one of the most health conscious people in the world. The pain of domestic abuse, depression, attempted suicide, divorce abandonment, rejection by the society led me to become one of the best motivational speakers that has ever lived. The pain of hardships when it comes to achieving my dreams is leading me to unimaginable greatness that will be admired by generations to come because I believe I am the greatest!!!

As I was writing this post I have called my friend Richard to ask his opinion about why we have pain. He is one of the smartest people I know and his feedback is very valuable to me. He said that pain happens because it's a part of human experience, for a purpose and it helps you realize the value. The way I understood it is that the pain helps you appreciate what you do have or be grateful for all of that you have. Good points, right?? I am so glad I called. Thank you, Richard, for your help!

Here you have it - for God, growth and appreciation of what we do have I believe are the main reasons of pain. Now as you know them be ready to accept the pain and learn from it. Pray to God for help. And when it comes to growth get it in any way you understand it: learning from your mistakes, mending relationships, making different investments, moving, etc. and most importantly never never giving up. And be always grateful!

Pain makes us resilient! As hard as it is use it to your advantage and make it your motivation, your drive to keep going!! You have what it takes to conquer it all because you have God, Universe, whoever. And you also have the strongest the most grateful person you know - the person who is reading this post! Why not you?" Marina Amdream. P.S. Shop for all the inspirational gear I design.


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