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Will this ever happen to me??

"Writing to you is my therapy and also I am using my gift to inspire at least one person... Here I am tonight praying on my knees after getting "only" 48 streams of my song in 3 days since it's release... Probably "the worst" release numbers in history... Yey me for that... Feeling like a complete failure I lift up my hands in prayer in tears while listening to worship music and asking God for help to make it... I finally want to make it!!

It's been 9 years since I started my journey in this entertainment business by uploading my very first YouTube video while still being in Ukraine. Over 1500 videos later and I am still.... where I am... And now my music... Will this ever happen to me?? Will this ever?? Oh, God, answer me now...

A lot of times when you see the stars you hardly ever know their journey to the fullest leading up to success. I want to change that by sharing with you what I am going through right now, not when I am on stage in front of thousands of people. Although I have no idea how I will ever become a star I know I must. At this point after 9 years of grinding I just must... But I am not there yet... So, I just pray.

It is like this for most artists who have ever made it. I am in no way special and must go through these trials to make it like everyone else. It's a very painful price you have to pay, but, hopefully, rewarding in the end.

Most of the time on the road to greatness it is incredibly lonely, stressful and even scary. In my case I don't have anyone, but God to help me. I trust that God will send me strangers to help. We all must have someone to help us because you can never make it anywhere on your own. Thank you, everyone, who has ever come my way! Although I don't have any family or a partner that can help me, I always have me and my God and my dream. My dream is still alive!! I have been dreaming to become a star since 4 years old - the very first time I ever danced in front of a huge crowd and loved it!!! Damn it!! My dream is still alive!!!

So, I will pray on my knees every night till I make it from this day on. I just can't do this anymore. I wonder if this is even for me... Is it????? Since deep deep inside I feel like I am so close to my breakthrough I say to you: "Keep praying to God to hear you. He must hear you eventually. He just must..." Just pray..." Marina Amdream. P.S. Listen to my music -

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