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Sacrifice In Success

"Ukrainian mother, dog and friends - LOST it. Health: stomach, intestines, kidney, hair, teeth, knees, back, neck, hearing, nervous system, female health - LOST it. Marriage to $160,000 judge - LOST it. $25,000 corporate job - LOST it. Current entertainment opportunities - LOST it. And I can go and go about what I have lost to gain what I have today...

I sacrifice. I lose to gain because I believe that you must put everything on the line to succeed: EVERYTHING. When you want to be successful as much as you want to breath everything and everyone that is on the way must go!!

Be aware that sometimes we lose things on the way to the top because we don't know any better, because we don't know how to multitask or we don't know how to manage time, people, healthy habits, etc. So much of what I have lost could have been avoided if I knew how to handle it, but I didn't. I had to make choices at the time. Some of the choices I made left me broken and alone. But I did my best and have always known that every sacrifice that I make is getting me closer and closer to the top because I am born to be at the top!! You?

As you are moving forward in your life assess what can be changed, removed or improved. There is no reason to have something or someone in your life if you know it or they are holding you back. It may hurt at first to part with that thing or a person, but in the end you will win and gain personal freedom and satisfaction. This is how I feel after my divorce for example. It hurt like hell in the beginning when he left. But I knew why he left. One of the reasons was because I chose my career over his that required me to be in the box, dress, act and express myself in a certain way that didn't serve my needs. Now I am divorced and I am the happiest I have ever been because I am free to be me!!

Yes, you may think I am stupid that I didn't want to sacrifice my career to be with and please a rich judge. But I'd rather be "poor" than being married to someone who controlled my every move. I may not be as rich as him yet. But I am so rich in freedom and love of my friends and fans. Most importantly I am rich in my dreams, goals and ambitions that all are slowly, but surely coming true!!

What's stopping you from achieving what you want?? Get rid of it!! And while you are doing it keep in mind your physical health. On the way to my success I have not taken care of myself well up until now. I became very unhealthy, but now I am putting myself first and getting better and healthier by the minute. I understand now that your mind can push you further than your body can, but you must must listen to the body because if you don't have the healthy body, you don't have anything. Yes make sacrifices. But learn from my mistakes: never sacrifice your health!!

These are some tips I have for you today to move closer to the life of your dreams. Make sacrifices and make healthy choices. But most importantly believe in your dreams. No matter how hard it gets, how sick or lonely you get because of the sacrifices you made keep going!! It's all a part of your success. Lose everything you have like I did. But gain the whole wide world like I am doing right now!! Let's go!" Marina Amdream.


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