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"When I come to the richest country in the world and then develop deadly eating disorders because I couldn't handle the pressure of a foreign language college I am unbroken! When I come to the happiest country in the world the second time for love to get married and then he leaves me for someone else I am unbroken! When I step out on faith and quit my 9-5 and then pandemic hits my business I am unbroken!! When I want to become a worldwide superstar, but all the odds are against me I am unbroken!!!

...I didn't become this strong minded overnight. When so much on the outside seems to be constantly falling apart I have trained my mind with reading, positive affirmations repetition and total emotions control to not to let anything break me! I am creating calluses in my mind time and time again. I am becoming the strongest person that has ever lived and I won't give up. I won't stop because I am still here! I must make myself keep going again and again and again!!

When life knocks you down accept that it's just a part of the process to exist. Take it, let yourself be down for as long as you need to, but don't stay defeated for long. Life continues! It can be glorious if only you don't stop when things become hard. Say to yourself time and time again "I CAN do it!" And after you cry on your knees like I do, get up, wipe your tears and try again and again and again.

Do you want to be rewarded with an incredible life full of love, joy, accomplishments and opportunities to give?? Then, my dear, you have to pay for it with an unbroken mindset, hard work and being a decent human being. Life may want to break you. People and circumstance may want to break you. But you don't stop, honey!! Don't you ever stop because the most unbroken person you know is YOU!" Marina Amdream.


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